How Galaxy Z Flip’s Hideaway Hinge Works

Thanks to its dual CAM mechanism and Hideaway Hinge, the Galaxy Z Flip offers a first-of-its kind foldable experience.

The dual CAM mechanism consists of two CAM detents on both ends of the entire hinge. Each of them has two ridge-shaped parts engaged and a spring supporting the motion of the CAM detent.

1) Fully Folded: When the device is folded, the spring pushes against the top and bottom cams. This ensures the device is firmly closed.

2) Folding/Unfolding: As the device unfolds, the top cam starts to slide up. The friction increases when the flat surfaces of the two cams meet.  This mechanism allows the device to stay open on its own at various angles.

3) Unfolded: When the device is unfolded, the top cam moves beyond the flat surface and slides down the opposite slope. The spring creates tension to lock the hinge in place to keep the device flat.

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